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FL0012 DC Relay Smart Flow Sensors

Date:2017-03-15 17:20:57  Author:SystemMaster

Order No.: FL0012


According to meet with customer demand and to expand the comprehensive range of flow sensors, ema has launched FL0012 smart flow sensors with the output of DC Relay NO/NC.


·Smart flow sensor, and user can set the flow range and the warning signal discretionarily.

·Sensible substance: air, liquid

·Sensible Range (Liquid/gas): 3...300/200...3000 cm/s

·Material of housing: Plastic

·Mounting: M18 x 1.5

·Operating Voltage: 20-36 VDC

·Output: Relay NO/NC

·Display: LED

·Power protection: Overload, short-circuit, Reverse polarity

·Protection classification: IP67

·Certification: CE, RoHS