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New IH Series Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor with 50mm sensing range

Date:2017-03-15 17:25:47  Author:SystemMaster

IH Series Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensor with 50mm sensing range


Order No.: IH0001-IH0004




Long sensing range: 50mm

Top sensing face

Bright LEDs display status

Operating Temperature: -25~100

Connection: M12 connector or Terminal




ema release IH series Rectangular Inductive sensors. The sensors increase the sensing range up to

50mm with non-flush mounting. The top active is wide and ema upgrades this type the resistance of

noise interference in order to raise the safety and machine uptime.Two selections of connection are

available: M12 connector or terminal. Corner LEDs are clearly visible for the display of power and

switch status. The operating temperature is between -25 and 100. It includes the power protection

of overload, short-circuit as well as reverse polarity. Due to high precision, free-maintenance and long

life-time, it leads to the success of reliable performance even in worst environment. IH series are suited

for the industry of steelmetallurgychemicalpackagingautomobilemachine tool and more.



·Dimension: 80*80*40mm

·Sensing Range: 50 ± 10% mm

·Mounting: non-flush

·Housing: plastic

·Operating Voltage: 10-36VDC


·Connection: M12 ConnectorTerminal


·Power protection: overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity

·Operating Temperature-25~100

·Protection classificationIP65 (terminal type)IP67 (connector type)

· CertificationCERoHS