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ema smart type Temperature Sensors - TB & TD series

Date:2017-03-15 17:26:37  Author:SystemMaster
TB Series - Control Monitors

TD Series - Probe Sensors with Cables

TB Series Highlight:

Operating temperature-40℃~+150℃

Connection threadG1/2”

For a long distance detection of temperature

Quick response and long term stability

Be installed in a control panel/room

Required to be used with TD series – Probe Sensors with Cables


TD Series Highlight:

Operating temperature-40~+150

Connection threadG1/2”

For a long distance detection of temperature

Resistance to noise interference

Quick response

High accuracy with a PT1000 measuring unit

The length of cables and probes for high flexibility

Stainless steel S316 is also available for the probe due to the request.

Required to be used with TB series – Control monitors 


ema presents Temperature Sensors composed by Control Monitors (TB series) and Probe Sensors with Cables (TD series). It is extensively used to detect temperature for a long distance. The operating temperature is from -40℃ to 150℃ and the connection thread is G1/2”. Adopting Pt1000,a high thermal resistance measuring unit, this model can transit the temperature value to control system in time as well as output the signal to control system for temperature control or monitor when the temperature value reaches to the required set point. During the range of -40℃ to 150℃,this model can optimize its accuracy to the temperature condition of the detected object with the improved function for the resistance to noise interference from all respects to secure the time of operation regularly. It also features with quick response, high accuracy, economical cost, stability, and maintenance free.