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FEP Cable — Resistant to noise

Date:2017-03-15 17:30:57  Author:SystemMaster


For a reliable protection, FEP cable is perfectly resistant to noise, corrosion,insulation, and high temperature.


To match ema new PD/PE series of pressure transmitter and TE series temperature transmitter,this new cable adopted FEP (Fluor plastic) material can reduce the possibility of error in field and raise

the accuracy of sensing of products by its strong resistance to noise based on advanced technique. On the other hand, its resistance to high/low temperature and non-flammability enhances the safety of operation and reduces the damage of inflammable cable as well. Compared to the other insulated materials, FEP has extremely low water absorption and high resistance to steam to secure reliability and to extend the lifetime of product.


Please make the code "F" in the part number to select the FEP cable.


• Resistant to corrosion: Except for melting alkali metal and fluorine gas, the cable is perfectly 

  resistant to most of corroded fluids. 

• Not viscid (low friction): There is no adherence occurred even in the fluids with high viscidity.

 No pollution: The cable does not pollute the fluids without plasticizer and additives.

 Insulation: The cable has the best insulation among insulated materials.
 Resistant to weather: As an inflammable material, this socket doesn't be affected obviously by 

  sunshine and ozone. 
• Resistant to high or low temperature: The range of operating temperature of this socket is -200