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Ema FL Series Flow sensor via potentiometers has been newly released

Date:2017-03-16 08:46:17  Author:SystemMaster

Ema FL Series Flow sensor via potentiometers has been newly released
- Visual panel & Simple operation

Order No: FL1001/FL1002/FL1003/FL1004

•Setting by potentiometer
•No pressure lose
•Extremely wide range of flow rate
•Different kinds of flow medium can be measured
•Simple indication
•High reliability
   ema FL series Flow sensor via potentiometers has been newly released which replaced mechanical flow switches. The operation is very simple and the flow calibration can be set by the buttons.

   As an advanced equipment to be used for measuring flow rate, the probe of flow sensor is quite small but it is almost no pressure lose for the flow. On most occasions, it is more reliable and wider applications scope compared than mechanical flow switches.

  Under the circumstance of operation, the tube may be blocked due to the blockage of mechanical paddles. It is great that FL series flow sensor can avoid this problem from being occurred, as it can monitor the flow on site based on its features of full pass through the tube, at the same time, flow rate is not being effected either.

  Flow rate and medium scope are two important standards for the process detection. ema FL series flow sensor is sensitive to flow rate. Therefore, different kinds of flow can be detected by connecting different dimension of tubes. There is almost no limitation for the fluid. Also it has wider applications for the mediums, not only for gas, but also for liquid, such as water and oil. Gas and liquid can be monitored. It  High and low point can be calibrated by regulating the buttons.

  The user can simply set up the sensors due to the visually indication for the flow status. The product integrated with display, controller and transmitter. There is no mechanical moving part in sensing area but with high quality circuit inside, which can greatly guarantee longer reliability.

  In order to achieve the goal of human-orientated operation, the product is upgraded the panel on the base of simple switches, which make operation much easier and faster.

Technical Parameters
Electric design: DC PNP/NPN
Output: NO/NC
Liquid SP setting[cm/s] : Potentiometer setting( factory setting is 15)
Gas SP setting[cm/s] : Potentiometer setting( factory setting is 150)
Protection classification: IP67
Medium Contact: stainless steel 316L
Cable connection: PVC – 3 cores
Operating voltage[V]:20~36 DC
Medium temperature[℃]: -25…80