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EMA releases 24VDC modular rotating paddle level switches

Date:2017-03-16 08:57:53  Author:SystemMaster


 Special oil sealing for dust-proof

 Rotating torque can be adjustable

 Double bearing design, High bearing strength

 Stainless steel mechanical parts and robust gear motor ensure the lifetime

 The motor has the function of reverse protection

 Suitable to detect very light bulk solids


The benefits of modularity:

① The users can do self-assembled according to what they need

② Reduce packaging and transportation cost

③ Quick delivery for creating more business opportunities

④ Reduce the cost of maintenance by replacement of main part or accessories 


In order to meet customers’ request, EMA releases this new product, 24VDC modular rotating paddle level switches. In addition to original power supplies: 24VAC, 110-120VAC, 220-240VAC, EMA developed a new power supply 24VDC which provide users one more option. This product could monitorand control toward up level and low level of powder and granule materials in open or closed containers,and also the advantages are included advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy installation. The switches can be used to the level measurement in metallurgy, environment industry, electricity, Chemical, fodder, cement and food industry, etc.


New module rotating paddle level switches are divided into five components: main parts, coupling, extension, process connection(optional), and paddle. The users can make a selection according their demand. The benefits of modular design is flexible collocation and quick delivery, so as to enhance the competitive advantage for customers. When the engineers regularly maintain the product, it only need for the parts replacement without replacing the whole set. Thereby it could reduce maintenance cost and time. If there are containers with a variety of depth needed to match different length of shaft, the users just need to select the suitable length of extension.


Isupports five kinds of connections: standard, nut, flange, fixture and adapter. Thanks to advanced technology, the housing is created to be delicate and light-weighted. Three selection of housing are available: plastic, metal and explosion-proof. The product is much more multinational and comprehensive.


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