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Looking for Worldwide Distributor

Thank you for your interest to be ema's partner. ema is always ready to discuss distributor relationships with qualified organizations as your esteem company. We welcome innovative marketing suggestions from you who would like to represent our products in your country. 

Oversea Sales Dept. 
Contact person:
Tel: +86-512-6586-8636
Skype: emajudy

Control Switches

 1   16mm Control Switches

 2   22/25/30mm Control Switches

 3   30/50/70 LED Light TowerLevel


 1   Radar Wave Level Sensors

 2   Guided Radar Level (TDR)

 3   Ultrasonic Level Sensors

 4   Rotating Paddle Level Switches

 5   Vibrating Fork Level Switches

 6   Float Level SwitchesPosition


 1   Inductive Proximity Sensors

 2   Capacitive Proximity Sensors

 3   Valve Proximity Sensors

 4   Speed Monitor

 5   AS-i Modules / RepeaterFluid


 1   Flow Sensors

 2   Flow and Temperature Sensors

 3   Pressure Sensors

 4   Temperature Sensors