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He launched a grand new brilliant debut 2014 Shanghai Expo

Date:2017-03-11 13:30:33  Author:SystemMaster
2014 China International Expo Center, Shanghai International Expo will be held on November 4, 2014 - 8. The domestic and international pavilions, industry leading enterprises will come together to highlight innovative technology emerge in an endless stream. Toptek electronics as a professional manufacturer of sensor technology and industrial switch, will exhibit many new technologies and new products in this event in the field of industrial automation, presents feast for the audience. Some welcome friends come to visit, we in the automation area "W2 A015 Museum" waiting for you!
This exhibition will be called to "innovative products application creators create value" as the theme, exhibition of products in high cost, high energy efficiency and innovative products, including the quality caused by fine 30mm man-machine interface, high transmission tower lights interface tower lights, sealed stainless steel series flow sensor and more source of low maintenance cost module of impeding level switch and a variety of explosion-proof material series. At the same time, we have joy around Game exclusive design, ingenious combination of our products: proximity, speed monitor and tower lights, the audience can effect performance principle and safety PK two people playing a taste of Imam products, the winner can win the beautiful cute little doll. The ad hoc exhibition of new experience, our application engineer will to help you select for your desired ima products, industrial problems and on-site to answer your.
More exciting, more surprises all in your presence or show, please look forward to!
Exhibition time: 2014.11.04 ~ 2014.11.08
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
(Longyang Road, Shanghai, 2345, No.)
Booth number: W2 A015